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Our database is what we like to call “alive”. It is updated regularly and also during each campaign with feedback, take ups on offers, opt outs etc.  This not only keeps it current, but it also gives it intelligence.

Because of the high level of information that is inputted into the base, our analytics teams can build various models specific to your industry.  We can profile and target prospects “most likely” to take up an offering which reduces time and cost involved in segmenting the “Ideal Customer”

We currently have various generic models which we can use initially for targeting.  These models can then be developed based on response, conversion and payment.  Once we have received 1000 positive outcomes we will be able to create a specific model for your product.

The database is accredited with a DMA Certificate of Excellence accreditation and complies with all POPI associated rules for security, access and process (collect, store, disseminate, modify & destroy).

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