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Social Responsibility

In a country where unemployment & poverty is exceptionally high & the cost of living rises daily, we are doing our best to assist those less fortunate with the few resources available to us. What follows are a few causes which we have identified and have pledged our support to:

Winter Warmer Campaign
Our annual Winter Warmer Campaign runs for three months from April – June and is supported by our Corporate Clothing division. During this time we put aside portion of the profits from the sale of each Jacket, Jersey or Sweater we supply. With these proceeds we purchase blankets and donate these to the less fortunate. We have partnered our project with both the WORD & LIFE Church in Boksburg and Jacranda 94.2 Radio Station over the years, and have managed to donated hundreds of blankets.
Stop Rhino Poaching
The amount of Rhinos being poached annually virtually doubles each year. This is a major problem which is threatening our national heritage. It is a problem which needs to be curbed and we have pledged to assist where we can. We donate R 5 per invoice which we generate monthly, to these organisations. We hope that this little gesture will assist in bringing this inhumane act to a halt.
SPCA Food Drive
Every December people leave for their annual vacation and the SPCA are left to look after pets whose owners never return to collect them. This time of the year puts a large financial burden on this non-profit organisation. We donate portion of our sales during November & December to assist with the purchase of food during this period.
Faith Mission Apostolic Church – Hammanskraal
On a business trip to Hammanskraal in 2009 we met up with a Cell phone repair man named Mishak. Over the past few months we have gotten to know this Entrepreneur and found out that he is businessman by day and Pastor by night and runs a church from his shak in this densely populated area north of Pretoria. We have committed to helping Mishak build his church and bring Gods word to more people in this area.
Project: Feed the Children
Project: Feed the Children promotes the involvement of diverse volunteers from different backgrounds to foster a greater understanding and compassion for people who have different living environments. As a result, friendships have evolved across cultural, religious and language lines through Project: Feed the Children.
We have been privileged enough to have been in a position to support this causes annual golf day as well as had an opportunity to donate soccer kits to a school which this charity supports.