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Targeted Marketing

What is targeted marketing?

Targeted Marketing ensures communication with the intended recipient and eliminates the “Shot Gun Approach” used in conventional marketing methods which can be costly and often does not produce measurable results.

Our approach to Targeted Marketing is to build a qualified database of potential, and or existing customers, and pinpoint marketing campaigns directly at those individuals likely to take up the offer thus reducing the cost of the marketing spend.

By offering the client the exact product they require at the moment when they need it, not only guarantees the sale, but also increases trust, which is a key building block in creating loyalty. The use of analytics and data analysis provides valuable information which assist in the following:

1) Moving Redundant Stock
2) Moving over stocks
3) Boosting sales in slow periods
4) Increase client loyalty


Results are also measurable as customers actions are traced.  Return on investment can be measured accurately and are higher than conventional marketing methods.

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Targeted Marketing


“Working with TAG has been a real pleasure. Andrew and his team have always tried to accommodate our requirements even in difficult situations. We have always been kept in the loop as to the progress of our orders and have felt valued as a customer. TAG is certainly a supplier we look to continue working with way into the future.” Jason Heys – The Specialists Supply Company